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In a context of continuous change, companies need skills, tools and processes capable of responding quickly and effectively to market demands. They need to have technological solutions that can accompany flexible and agile work dynamics, which adjust to uncertain and changing realities.

Software has become a key tool to ensure business competitiveness. Allowing to adapt and automate processes efficiently, and achieving flexible, effective and autonomous management.

At ConfluenciaFTO we work on the development and design of ideas, seeking to offer our Clients the solution that best suits their needs

We design adjusting the needs to the requirements of the user experience, creating quality products with innovative technologies, and applying the latest trends in digital technology.

By updating the processes, we are able to maintain a continuous flow of technological improvements, generating an impact on the decisions and strategies that companies adopt to maintain their competitiveness. Achieving optimization of the benefits of digitization and the necessary skills to capitalize on them within the organizational culture.

    • Software development & custom solutions
    • Mobile applications for android and IOS
    • Cloud and in-house deployments
    • SaaS solutions- Software as a service
    • Web and Mobile Environments
    • Developments in GeneXus, version GX17
    • Java and .NET builds
    • MSSQL Server engines, PostgreSQL and MySQL
    • Windows and Linux operating systems
    • Apache Tomcat, IIS and Nginx servers
    • Boostrap, HTML 5, CSS3 & Javascript

We have a team of highly specialized professionals. designers, analysts, developers, programmers and testers, who efficiently solve the needs in terms of programming, development, testing and Q&A.

We work with agile methodologies to generate high quality and performance results, ensuring improvements in processes in real time, achieving greater flexibility and optimal results in more immediate terms.

In project management we go through iterative work cycles, developing evolutionary prototypes, which are evaluated together with the client and adapted until the desired final development is progressively achieved. Each cycle goes through the stages of Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Implementation and Training.

This methodology ensures productivity, cost reduction and encourages the development of creative and innovative capacity.

ConfluenciaFTO Solutions - Comprehensive Solutions and Consulting. Specialists in Medical Informatics.


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We accompany our clients in identifying their challenges, opportunities and challenges. We support them in defining strategies to anticipate trends, innovate and transform to compete, in an increasingly complex and challenging business environment.

We apply the acquired knowledge to find solutions that favor the strategic execution of our clients’ objectives.

We identify and diagnose problems with existing software or updates that may be necessary. We suggest the design of new products or improvements that can be made in accordance with the deadlines stipulated by the Client.

We offer support to successfully go through the technological transformation. Promoting the understanding of the culture of the company, providing tools and techniques that are necessary for the adoption of new technologies.

Success stories


ConfluenciaFTO se encuentra actualmente desarrollando un software integral para la gestión de la empresa a nivel global en Latinoamérica. Innovative es una empresa líder de investigación biofarmacéutica especialista en el desarrollo, marketing y distribución de productos.

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ConfluenciaFTO, Desarrollo e implementó un software para gestión de liquidación de recetas a la red de farmacias. La Plataforma actualmente valida la entrega de medicamentos en más de 1.100 farmacias, realizando 1.900 autorizaciones por día a los beneficiarios de las 30 instituciones, realizando el control de las tomas de cada beneficiario.

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ConfluenciaFTO desarrolló e implementó una aplicación mobile de gestión para la auditoría de terreno, cuyo objetivo contemplo el seguimiento de Internaciones, servicios y atenciones que cada afiliado obtiene en sus centros de salud. Permite también la geolocalización de auditores médicos al momento de realizar las tareas.

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